Visco Colour
Visco Colour

An added value: the colour

From the Casanova® experience we have developed the new Colour Visco range, a low resilience foam characterized by deep and bright colours that make the mattress unique and inimitable.The high technology of the Visco Colour foams allow to meet the most demanding needs of the customers, while maintaining the basic features of the Casanova® foams: ergonomic, hygienic, air permeable, hypoallergenic, mite-free and produced without CFCs. In addition, the chromatic properties add different benefits and well-being for the sleep. The rest on Visco Colour foams will always assure a natural position, free from tensions and compressions, as the viscoelastic foam is temperature sentitive and perfectly fits the body shape, enveloping it in a warm embrace.

(kg/m3 +/-5%)
(kPa +/-15%)
COLOR VE 40402,0
COLOR VE 40/S401,0
*compression load deflection 40%

Standard colours: white / green /blue /red / light blue / anthracite / purple

Visco Colour
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